picI really can’t think that much in writing the about page of this site…Really…Why create this site? During the time I was starting to learn Revit, I only have one reliable source to learn that time and I know the feeling (pain!) of you looking for someone that will guide you but nobody there or they are also starting learn. So I thought of creating this site to help individuals learn Revit without the hassle of reading a lot of articles because all of the contents here are all video created by me with the help of other users also.

Good thing about this site is I AM NOT HARD TO APPROACH, I interact well with the audience. I am always ready, with God’s help, to assist whenever doubt arises about the exercises. I already created my YouTube channel, got quite a good numbers of subscribers and all the videos that I have uploaded there will also be uploaded here as well…=) Saves time for me!

The topics in this site is mixed so it’s up to you guys to search for the one that you would like to watch, anyway these videos are free so stop complaining. There will be some repetition of the topics using different datasets because I believe doing the exercises again and again and again will eventually leads to learning. I am talking about base on experience, there will always a wisdom that you can extract from an exercise if you redo again.

Hopefully, you people out there will enjoy visiting this site and learn something that you can share with other people.

Have a nice day!